• Lily Osborne

Instagram Live: How to use to benefit your business?

instagram live: how to help your busienss

Instagram live has been a vital tool for many businesses and influences during the lockdown, you would be crazy not to notice how many live stories have been going on. ⁠

Could this be the new way of interacting with your customer base? Free, easy, and bringing you more reach. You can see influencers partnering up with fashion, food, and drink brands sharing how they use the product, as well as gyms running free workouts online. ⁠

This is great for customer retention and care. As well as introducing a whole new host of people to a brand without spending nearly as much on marketing or event space!⁠ So if you're interested in setting up an Instagram Live for your business here are a few quick tips to help it go off without a hitch!⁠

1. prepare some notes: remember this is live, so no editing or pausing can happen. there's no shame in having a few key points in the corner of your screen to make sure you stay on track. ⁠

2. hook your audience in at the beginning: many times people spend the first 5 min of there insta live welcoming and waiting for it to fill up. Although that is great it's also when we see a lot of drop off in attendees. Make sure you regularly run through what will be happening, who will be joining and usually by having a 'surprise' mid-way through will help keep people engaged. A great way of doing this is writing the first comment and then pinning it so everyone sees it.⁠

3. SAVE IT! Instagram live stays up for 24 hrs but if you don't save it, you lose it after that time. Make sure to save once finished filming that way you can repurpose and use on your feed or channel⁠.

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