Helping you to conceive naturally

myLotus Fertility is the flagship product of the company Concepta. myLotus is an advanced ovulation monitor allowing ovulation (LH) and pregnancy (hCG) testing. The monitor gives you a numerical reading of when your ovulation window will be- allowing women, for the first time, to have a numerical reading of their ovulation window. A revolutionary method of tracking your fertile window in the comfort of your own home. They came to me to help develop an influencer marketing plan which then leads to a variety of work in digital but specifically social.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop social media strategies to build awareness and gain revenue

  • Develop blogs by imputing appropriate SEO within the body

  • Building key web page content in explaining the product

  • Developing tone of voice to implement across the social channels

  • Heading collaborations with key influencers in the industry

  • Manage the email marketing: developing and distributing emails for the company, setting up and managing pop-ups for an email subscription on the website, and grouping subscribers for appropriate categories to email

  • Manage and maintain PPC campaigns by tracking and making appropriate adjustments to have it running at an optimal level

  • Constructed and maintained daily stats about the company’s growth using Google Analytics


Key Achievements:

  • Led a collaboration competition which grew our social media presence by 12%

  • Increased engagement by 100%

  • Developed an email, blog and social strategy to outlive me and stay within the company

  • Developed and managed product video creation