A medical aesthetic clinic that focuses on discrete and natural enhancements

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Medical Aesthetics by Dr Andre is a clinic focusing on fillers and Botox based in Alderley Edge, Manchester and Liverpool. They are a discrete but credited so focus on clients that don’t want to be known or keep any aesthetic procedures out of the limelight. My role was to come in and help build that development across the social channels from the beginning.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Build Social Media accounts from nothing

  • Construct a social plan bi-weekly in line with government requirements

  • Build brand identity and tone of voice

  • Develop a long term strategy for organic social growth

  • Develop bi-weekly stats of the growth of the company

  • Social listening in the field of the brand

  • Managing and developing key hashtags for the brand's posts

  • Influencer marketing: reach out, manage and maintain a relationship with influencers and their managers

Key Achievements:

  • Developed a strong tone of voice and built following into the 1000s organically