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- Social Media Manager | SEO | Email Marketer | Web Manager -

Fearless is an online retailer with a focus on women’s fashion. I was brought on to help manage and identify any key areas within digital. I also take care of all the email marketing and social planning.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop social media strategies to build awareness and gain revenue

  • Develop SEO within the web pages

  • Manage the email marketing: developing and distributing emails for the company, setting up and managing pop-ups for an email subscription on the website, and grouping subscribers for appropriate categories to email

  • Setting up the Google Analytics account properly by implementing correct goals and filters

  • Optimizing the website to be mobile-friendly

  • Constructed bi-weekly stats about the company’s growth using Google Analytics

Key Achievements:

  • Developed an email structure that has increased click-through by 20%

  • Optimizing website for mobile which has increased activity by 36%